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Mission Statement
The Biosalinity Awareness Project is founded on the premise that we are quickly depleting and contaminating the natural resources that are necessary to sustain plant-based life on earth.  In the near future, perhaps within several generations, we will have little choice but to cope with the environmental changes that have already begun to impose significant constraints on agricultural productivity and threaten our ability to meet future basic needs.  Most disconcerting is the escalation of salinity in our soils and water, and its consequences for local, regional, and global vegetation.  The primary objectives of the Project are to:

Increase public awareness of the impact of freshwater scarcity and elevated levels of salinity in our environment, specifically on issues related to food and water security, biomass production, and species survival.

Disseminate scientific research and promote innovations that (1) accelerate the adoptation of halophytes and other salt-tolerant crop varieties in the field, and (2) may prove useful in developing sustainable biosaline technologies for the future.

Create an informative resource ~ including extensive listings of useful salt-tolerant plants, current halophyte research and development, and germplasm/seed sources as well as links to relevant books, articles, news, and interviews ~ that would help facilitate farmer experimentation, entrepreneurial ventures, and collaborative efforts among concerned individuals and groups.

Encourage capital investment from both the public and private sector for seed collection, breeding programs, and field trials with the aim of establishing appropriate-scale biosaline production systems for commercial and/or conservation purposes.


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The Biosalinity Awareness Project is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting awareness of, and exploring solutions to, the pressing problems of salinity in our environment.  For more information, email

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